In the beginning (well, 2008)

We created CLAW in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And CLAW was good.

From her immaculate loins issued forth CLLAW in Chicago, Hudson Valley BRAWL, then Taos BRAWL. Then Hudson Valley begat NOLAW in New Orleans. NOLAW, just a teenager herself, begat 5 Boroughs Ladies Arm Wrestling.

Then the Washington Post got wind.

Her article begat DCLAW in DC, and LUEWWD in Durham, NC. And also another article in Penthouse and MORE magazine. And thus followed more siblings: BAAWL in San Francisco, CLAWstin in Austin, BAWD in Boston, LA LAW in Los Angeles, GCLAW in Missoula, MT, BRAWL in Rochester, NY and GNARLly in Nashville and now Ladies Arm Wrestling Love is spreading all over the world!

Beget a CLAW in your city, why don’tcha?!



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Monday, Aug 10, 2015

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