Amy Smackhouse

Amy Smackhouse

DCLAW | Washington, DC

Many thought the unrepentant lifestyle that ultimately led to her tragic death would end her wrestling career, but no one should ever underestimate the staying power of a messed up party girl! Ms. Amy Smackhouse’s rocky ride on the ladies arm wrestling circuit is the stuff of legend. Her much hyped first appearance at D/CLAW ended in disappointment after she was disqualified for doping, drinking and belligerence to the referee. Then it happened again …and again … and well, you get the picture.

Even death was no match for this party girl, strong-arming her way to a special parole from purgatory just to compete for the D/CLAW regional finals. Against all odds, completely wasted and chain-smoking her way to victory, Smackhouse surprised everyone when she finally pulled her #?$! together enough to become the D/CLAW SuperBRAWL Champion. Now Smackhouse and her entourage of fallen angels (who will carefully supervise her parole) are on their way to Charlottesville to have a kick-ass good time at the party of the year.

By day: Andrea Kavanagh

Over the past 16 years Andrea Kavanagh has worked as a communications specialist and director for a number of environmental campaigns where she's led efforts to help make our planet a better place for people and penguins alike. Though she is now mother to two young girls, she fondly remembers her former life of partying like a rock star. In 2009, while going stir crazy on maternity leave with her second child and buried deep in the “Snowpocalyse” of '09, she read a life-changing article in the Washington Post about ladies arm wrestling in Charlottesville. She connected with 4 other perfect strangers on the CLAW Facebook page and together they went on to found the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers (D/CLAW). Andrea also serves as Chair of the CLAW USA board can’t wait to rock it out with everyone at SuperCLAW 1: The Mother of All CLAW’s!

Throwing an arm out for:

Unit 8 American Legion Auxiliary

Unit 8 of the American Legion Auxiliary is the only Auxiliary unit located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  Part of a network of 10,500 ALA units that make up the largest women’s patriotic service organization in the world, Unit 8 members volunteer their time to support veterans,their families, youth, and community in the DC area.  Unit 8 holds donation drives to benefit local charities throughout the year. Teaming up with D/CLAW since the first bout, Unit 8 is proud to have contributed to their efforts to support such worthy organizations as the House of Ruth, Service Womens Action Network, Fisher House Foundation, N-Street Village, the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation, and the Aleethia Foundation. The Auxiliary embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace. Find us online at or on Facebook at Aux UnitEight.


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