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Armageddon is the lone survivor of the nuclear apocalypse. She has come to claim the souls of those who challenge her one arm at a time. Barely alive and barely human infused with nuclear poison power she is indestructible, especially surrounded by her horse’men’ of the apocalypse- War, Famine, Pestilence and Death.
Her signature move is the apocalypse POW.

By day: Sabrina Pratt

Sabrina Pratt is an actress currently writing, performing and teaching improv in Chicago, IL. She pays most of her bills in business casual as a social worker for a non profit dedicated to youth development and mentoring. Sabrina lives in a kitschy apartment with two cats and can be seen either riding her bike swearing at traffic or driving her cruddy, old convertible around the city swearing at bikers. Sabrina is an outdoor kid who sunburns easily, enjoys everything competitive and can trash talk with the best of 'em. Sabrina was a girl scout for 13 years, can build a fire in the rain with one match and isn't afraid of bugs, snakes or bears but rats are disgusting.

Throwing an arm out for:

Sideshow Theater Company

“Familiar Stories. Unorthodox Methods. Perpetually Curious.”

Sideshow Theatre Company, an Illinois non-profit, was founded in 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. Our first production, Dante Dies!! (and then things get weird)was originally mentioned jokingly as the strangest imaginable subject matter for a one-person show. But when the laughter died down, an intense curiosity remained, as well as one defining question: “What if?” From that question a show, a company, and a mission were born.

It is the mission of Sideshow Theatre Company to mine the collective unconscious of the world we live in with limitless curiosity, drawing inspiration from the familiar stories, memories and images we all share to spark new conversation and bring our audience together as adventurers in a communal experience of exploration.


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Monday, Aug 10, 2015

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