Heather Weizen

Heather Weizen

HVBRAWL | Kingston, NY

Achtung! Heather Weizen is the wurst! She has a special place in her heart for the kinder and fraulein charities, but she can also be meaner that wienerschnitzel. Born on a stormy Oktober night in Munich, Ms. Weizen developed her muscles at an early age, as she was forced to hand-chop cabbage for 16 hours each day. As a kinder she proved to be immensely stronger than her peers, and was nick-named Powerkraut for her cabbage-ehanced muscles. Her signature move is the Danke Shame and she is coming to SuperCLAW to kick some Arsch!

By day: Heather Newman

Heather Newman is a community youth educator who teaches bullying prevention, diversity, health, and life skills in the school systems. She was raised in New Paltz, New York and now resides in lower Delaware. Her father taught her how to lift free-weights and a few years later a lady arm-wrestler was born.

Throwing an arm out for:

Family Planning Advocates of New York State

Our Vision

“A New York where everyone enjoys access to comprehensive sexual healthcare and education.”

Our Mission

“To advance public policies and education that protect reproductive rights, improve sexual health and secure reproductive justice for all communities.”

Family Planning Advocates of New York State (FPA) is a non-profit statewide membership organization dedicated to protecting and expanding access to a full range of reproductive health services, including abortion care. We represent and are primarily funded by New York’s Planned Parenthood affiliates, with additional support from member family planning clinics and dozens of sister organizations, as well as thousands of individual members across the state.


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Monday, Aug 10, 2015

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