2016 Super CLAW

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We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

Join us in The Big Easy, September 9-11 for Super CLAW III!

Special thanks to NOLAW (New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling) for hosting the event this year.

NOLAW has selected Project Ishmael  as this year’s beneficiary. Project Ishmael is a legal clinic mostly for undocumented minors. The money raised from our brawl will go towards two specific cases of women and their families who are seeking gender-based asylum here.

We’d like to welcome the following wrestlers to Super CLAW III

  • Pearl of the Atlantic, SLAP (Portland, ME)
  • Steel Magnolia, NOLAW (New Orleans, LA)
  • Angela Slamsbury, LUEWWD (Durham, NC)
  • Minnie Mayhem, BRAWL (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Sister Patricia Pistol-whip, LA LAW (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Kary-OK?, CLAW (Charlottesville, VA)
  • Marie ARMtoinette, OlyCLAW (Olympia, WA)
  • Gina Tonic, CLAWSTIN (Austin, TX)

Here’s our agenda for the weekend.

Friday: Wrestlers and leagues from across the country descend on New Orleans and are welcomed by our gracious hosts, NOLAW, our SuperCLAW committee, and the CLAW USA board. We will gather at Handsome Willys for some snacks, drinks, and mischief.

Saturday , 10:30am: Wrestlers and leagues are invited to join us at the French Market Inn Pool Area.

Saturday afternoon and evening: We all head to the venue, One Eyed Jacks, to get ready for the main event and eat some more food together! Did you all know that there will be some arm wrestling Saturday Night!!

Sunday morning: Our NOLAW hosts invite our CLAW USA community to join them for a home-cooked brunch.

Hotel Information:  Rooms have been blocked off at the French Market Inn, just 2 blocks from One Eyed Jacks (SuperCLAW Venue). Leagues are responsible for reserving a room for anyone attending from your league. CLAW USA will reimburse leagues for one room for two nights up to $140/night. Email ashley@clawusa.org for more info.

Wrestler Information: Do you want be a wrestler at SuperCLAW 3? Are planning to be an entourage member? Do you just want to come and watch to support your league? Any interest in volunteering? Click here and fill out the registration form. 


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