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A one-woman wrecking ball, the Homewrecker will knock you off your foundation. Fired from her constuction job for getting a little too trigger~happy with the demolition crane and a little too friendly with the forewoman’s husband, the Homewrecker is anathema to all things collapsible, including your marriage and your wrestling arm.

By day: Kara Dawson

Kara Anne Bernadette Dawson hails from NY where most of her family thankfully lives. She has no college degree, but is very good at Jeopardy. Kara has been a manager for Pier One, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lane Bryant, Chimney Corner, Under the Roof Furniture and other retail stores you have not heard of. Kara moved to Charlottesville in 1999 to hang with her twin cousin with the promise of late night big money food shopping. That occurred once in 11 years. She is an Aunt 8 times over, loves entertaining, Judge Judy and white sweat socks right out of the package. Kara is the demo specialist, or "sample lady" at Whole Foods Market Charlottesville. She will sing to you if you just eat the samples! She claims to be turning 41 years old this year, and currently has two points on her license.

Throwing an arm out for:

FERTILE Foundation

A FERTILE Foundation, located near Charlottesville, Va., is a non-profit (501c3) organization, which was established primarily to offer unique opportunities for individuals with special needs to connect with nature, animals, and their community.  In addition, we provide volunteer opportunities for the general public so they can make these connections as well.   It’s our hope that our programs will be both healing and educational.

Our mission is to offer farm-centered therapy programs; provide environmental and agricultural education; promote and build a sense of community; instill a sense of global reverence; and encourage personal health and wellness.   We will be a catalyst for change in the way that people view their place in the world.  Our aim is to remind people that they are part of something larger, a web of interconnectedness that links them to the world around them, bringing awareness to the intrinsic value of that relationship.

Through education and fostering connections we seek to strengthen bonds with nature and our neighbors, to help people evolve a healthier lifestyle for themselves, and to encourage them to preserve the Earth.   We will teach a world view, which begins with respect for self and others and extends to encompass a respect for the world as a whole.

Our activities create personal growth,  increase participants’ mental and physical well-being, and strengthen bonds between them,  their community, and the natural world.  Using nature and animals as our medium we teach the value of trust, compassion, connection, and service.   We provide a platform from which participants can achieve therapeutic, educational, vocational, or personal wellness goals, but our focus is much larger than any of these individual components.  What we truly strive for is to create symbiosis, where participants clearly see, and come to value, their connection to the world around them; where they are both receiving and giving assistance; and where everyone benefits from a relationship that is mutually supportive.


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Monday, Aug 10, 2015

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