Pain Fonda

Pain Fonda

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Pain Fonda & The Thighmasters

Following a bad steroid injection several years ago, Jane Fonda found herself with an irreversible case of roid rage and an unruly chest and facial hair problem. No longer suitable for the glamorous world of workout videocassette production, Jane fled the public eye and secluded herself underground. Unable to get herself out of “the zone,” she went years without sleep, pumping iron around the clock and enhancing her brute strength. Now, nearly 20 years since the release of her last VHS, she returns to the spotlight as “Pain Fonda,” ready to break arms and take names.

By day: Jess Tonahill

Jess Tonahill rocks spandex daily. A total endorphin junkie, former group exercise instructor, and Store Manager for lululemon athletica in Austin, Texas, her life consists of sweating daily in neon, impromptu rump-shaking dance parties and endless kitchen experiments with kale. However, her obsession with finding the best food experiences in town, wild weekends with friends and a long family line of fat bottomed girls is what keeps the junk in her trunk. She loves taxidermy, extra dirty martinis, and manly men who wear bow ties and use good grammar. She hates Wheel of Fortune (and people who watch Wheel of Fortune), wearing a bra, and the wind. And losing. After all, 2nd place just means 1st place loser.

Throwing an arm out for:

Community Yoga Austin

Community Yoga is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization with the mission of bringing together local yoga teachers, students, and studios in an effort to spread the practice & benefits of yoga into areas of the community that may not otherwise have the access to classes. We believe that, if given the opportunity, the healing benefits of yoga can be experienced by any individual, no matter their age, background, socioeconomic status, or physical, emotional or mental challenges.


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Monday, Aug 10, 2015

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