Sistah Mary Slammer

Sistah Mary Slammer

NOLAW | New Orleans, LA

Lagniappe: Our Father, who art in arm wrestling heaven, hallowed be thy arm. Thy titles won, thy arms be flung, on earth as it is in NOLA. Give us this day our daily shred and forgive us our awesomeness, as we forgive those who wrestle against us. And lead us not into damnation but deliver us to sweet SuperCLAW victory. Amen.

Sister Mary Slammer hails from the cloisters of Chicago where she served as Kanye West’s spiritual director and confessor and co-wrote the lyrics to “Power”. Since moving to New Orleans she has answered NO LAW’s call to brawl, instilling the fear of God in all who challenge her. Hail Mary, full of strength, your Amen Entourage is with thee. Blessed are you amongst WHOA-men and blessed is thine arm of strength and fury. Holy Mary, mother of brawn, pray for thine wrestlers now and at the hour of mercy. Amen.

By day: Katrina Weschler

Katrina Weschler moved to New Orleans after college in 2009 and spent her first year volunteering full-time as a Case Manager for survivors of domestic violence. While volunteering, Katrina fell in love with the Crescent City and all its idiosyncrasies. It was an awkward love in the beginning, like learning how to eat crawfish for the first time. Then it grew into a passionate love affair, like Johnny and June. It is now an awkward, passionate, committed relationship like Johnny and June eating crawfish while walking the line. New Orleans is a city with passion, soul, and sweat--three of Katrina's favorite things, right up there with brown paper packages tied up with string and Vietnamese food from the West Bank.

Throwing an arm out for:

Hagar’s House

Hagar’s House is a sanctuary for women and children in New Orleans that provides an open and empowering residential community, resource coordination and a safe space to transition into sustainable housing.

We are a program of First Grace United Methodist Church and of the non-profit First Grace Community Alliance. Our community and services are open to those in need without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sexual orientation, national origin, age or gender identity.

If you are in need of temporary housing or would like more information about our program, please call (504) 210-5064 or email

Hagar’s House offers:

  • A beautiful, clean, safe place to rest and call home
  • An open and empowering space that welcomes women, children and those who identify as transgender
  • An intentional community that is actively engaged in undoing the root causes of poverty
  • Holistic programming focused on physical health, emotional/spiritual health and social justice
  • A Capacity Building partnership where residents meet weekly with staff to set their own long and short-term goals and to determine their own path for meeting those goals
  • A savings program in which working residents save 70% of their income, ideally $3,000 at the time of moving out
  • Healthy food and space to plant in a community garden

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