The Leagues

Beget a CLAW in your city – start a league!

CLAW – Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers

Charlottesville, VA
Contact: Sian Richards

CLLAW – Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers

Chicago, IL
Contact: Karie Miller

Hudson Valley BRAWL – Broads Regional Arm Wrestling League

Kingston, NY
Contact: Jacinta Bunnell

NOLAW – New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling

New Orleans, LA
Contact: Erin McBurney

DCLAW – DC Lady Arm Wrestlers

Washington, DC
Contact: Andrea Kavanagh

5 BLAW – 5 Borough Ladies Arm Wrestling

New York City, NY
Contact: Kate McNeely

LUEWWD – League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women in Durham

Durham, NC
Contact: LisaCaitlin Hess

BAAWL – Bay Area Arm Wrestling Ladies

San Francisco, CA
Contact: Stefanie Gesiorski


Austin, TX
Contact: Beth Taylor 


Boston, MA
Contact: Emily Dale


Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Amanda McRaven


Portland, OR
Contact: Melissa Pancurak


Portland, ME
Contact: Tina “Machina” Lewis


Rochester, NY
Contact: Cheryl Ernst

BRAWL (Baton Rouge Arm Wrestling Ladies)

Baton Rouge, LA
Contact: Rebecca Stewart



Oly Claw

Olympia, WA

Contact: Maureen Maples

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SLLAW (St. Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers)

Contact: Liz Van Winkle


Richmond, VA

Contact: Lea Marshall

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Contat: Bronte Flecker

Name is TBD

São Paulo, Brasil
Contact: Bruna Longo

MAWLL (Minneapolis Arm Wrestling Ladies League)

Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN
Contact: Angela Hershberger

DAWLL (Delaware Arm Wrestling Ladies League)

Rehoboth, DE
Contact: Heather Newman




Missoula, MT
Contact: Ellie Costello


Nashville, TN
Contact: Susanne Bennett

Taos BRAWL – Broads Regional Arm Wrestling League

Taos, NM
Contact: Jeff Shannon



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BRAWL King of Beauty Crowned

Monday, Aug 10, 2015

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