Ze Dirty Butcher

Ze Dirty Butcher

LUEWWD | Durham, NC

Ze Dirty Butcher was a burlesque dancer who never got a gig, so she started working at the local butcher shop to pay the bills. Handling so much meat all day long made her into a new woman. Now she eats raw bones for breakfast, cuts off the heads of fuzzy bunnies without a blink, and can butcher a deer in 8 minutes flat. Burlesque dancer at heart but heart-less butcher by trade, she knows how to break bones with one hand and she’s not afraid to show you her meat!

By day: Jayme Dyer

Jayme Dyer is a yeast geneticist by trade. While she can't make you a good beer, she can tell you about how yeast have sex (yes, they really do it!). She and her newlywed husband run an intentional community in Durham, NC called Oakwood Community (http://oakwoodcommunity.org). Jayme and Cliff provide room and board for 4 interns who live in community with them, sharing meals, chores, and social life together. In exchange, the interns volunteer part-time at local non-profit organizations. Together, they raise rabbits and ducks for meat and eggs, cultivate 5 garden beds (named after London Underground stops), and make lots of fart jokes. In her spare time, Jayme trains in Olympic weightlifting. Her goal is to get a 100lb. snatch.

Throwing an arm out for:

Durham Crisis Response Center

About Us

For more than twenty years, the Durham Crisis Response Center has been the sole provider of comprehensive shelter and support services in the Durham area, providing counseling, legal advocacy, support groups, and shelter to survivors and their families in the aftermath of domestic or sexual violence. DCRC also offers prevention workshops and training to faith-based organizations, schools, the general public and professionals throughout the Triangle. Over the years, DCRC helped more than 20,000 women and children. Last year alone, 170 women and children found safety at the Durham Crisis Response Center shelter, and another 1100 learned they have an ally who can help them stop the violence.

The Durham Crisis Response Center works with the community to end domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, education, support and prevention.


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