Commonly Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Most people prefer whiter teeth and would go to any length to achieve this. There are a plethora of home tooth-whitening kinds of toothpaste and whitening strips on the market. However, one question that most people ask is how safe they are and if they really work. We will look at some of the frequently asked questions about Teeth Whitening.

What is Teeth Whitening?

This process involves the application of a special fluid to the teeth to make them lighter. The active ingredient in these fluids is usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Oxygen is released into the tooth enamel as the ingredient breakdown, and this whitens the tooth.lady smiling

Why Do I Need Teeth Whitening?

Most people usually like to have their teeth whiter as this makes them feel and look more confident. Naturally, teeth come in different white shades, and only a few people have brilliantly white teeth. Smoking, age, food, and drink can take a toll on your teeth. If you think whiter teeth can help you improve your smile’s appearance, then professional teeth whitening is a safe and easy choice.

Is It Safe?

If a qualified professional does it, teeth whitening is safe. Teeth whitening is legal for anybody except if it is not done by a qualified professional. This is because the amount of whitening fluid has to be monitored correctly. An excess could damage your gums and teeth permanently, yet little may not whiten the teeth.

Dentists carry out the best and the safest teeth whitening procedure. Your dentist examines your mouth and teeth and takes you through the choice before recommending an ideal treatment plan.teeth whitening clinic

What Does the Procedure Involve?

The most common teeth whitening procedure is whereby professional bleaching fluid is put in trays that sit over the teeth. We have the off-the-shelf trays that fit over the teeth and holds the bleaching fluid that whitens the teeth.

The second and most preferred option involves a dentist creates custom-made trays molded to fit your teeth perfectly. These trays are comfortable and close-fitting, so you can wear them overnight to whiten your teeth while you are asleep.

The other way of achieving whiter teeth is the laser or power-whitening. If you would like your teeth to whiten quickly, then this is the best option. Dental surgeons usually do this tooth whitening. A protective shield is put over the gums, and the teeth are painted with bleaching fluid. A light or laser is shone over the teeth to speed up the lightening process.

How Long Is the Process?

Normally, you need to wear the whitening trays overnight for about two weeks. You can see an improvement in the color of your teeth after a few days of treatment. It is recommended that you avoid taking coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, or smoking during this time. This is because the teeth will be more porous temporarily during the whitening process, and you may not get the full results.

Power or laser whitening can take about one hour, and the treatment is carried out in dental surgery.

Arturo Hobbs