How to Get the Right Seeds for Growing Marijuana

Choosing the right marijuana seeds is important. You need to pick quality seeds from a high-grade cannabis plant. There are over 100 different types of marijuana seeds to choose from. Using marijuana seed banks can help you to get the right seeds. Here are some tips on getting the right seeds for growing marijuana:

Know Your Climate

Not every strain is suitable for every climate zone. If you are planning to grow the seeds indoors you might want to consider a strain that will grow faster with limited sun.

For people living in Northern Europe and growing the seeds outdoors, consider getting seeds that are resilient to cold, rain and will grow quickly. The natural resilience of seeds will help you determine the specific climate suitable for growth.

Know the Type of Seeds You Want

There are three types of seeds; regular, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds. Regular seeds can either grow into a male or female plant. Feminized seeds only grow into female plants. If you decide to grow them indoors you need to time the amount of light they receive during the vegetative stage.

You allow 18-24 hours then initiate flowering by alternating 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Autoflowering seeds only grow to female plants and start to bloom after 4 weeks. They can be left under light for 18-24 hours throughout the growing cycle. Autoflowers are compact hence suitable for growing indoors. Only female plants produce smokable buds.


Choose Between Indoor Or Outdoor Cultivation

Some seeds are good for cultivating indoors and others indoors. It is important to decide where the cultivation will take place. Indoor growers prefer the seeds that don’t grow into tall plants, they choose seeds that grow to a maximum height of 1.2M. For those growing outdoors, the height doesn’t matter. Sativa strains are known to grow taller and narrow. Indices strains are small and only grow in width.

You also need to determine the seeds that yield a smaller number of grams of buds per square meter of plants when grown indoors or outdoors. Outdoor cultivation can be delayed until the plant can be exposed to at least 8 hours of direct sunlight. When cultivating indoors, the plants will need proper fresh air intake. Proper humidity also promotes a mold-free environment.

Be Particular With the Taste and Aroma

You should consider the taste when picking the strain. There are a few options to choose from, namely fruit spirit, chocolate haze, green gelato, and bubblegum XL. Fruit spirit is one of the sweetest strain that gives a blueberry flavor.

When determining a good strain, the aroma is everything. Spend time around different strains, keeping in mind that the one with the strongest aroma is the best. The scent will give a personal experience before picking the right seeds to grow.

Arturo Hobbs